Would you like to develop your personal knowledge of the Bible, theology and spirituality? Or are you looking for a recognised qualification but can’t study on site at LST?

We're delighted that you are thinking about learning more about God and the Bible. Whatever sort of study you're interested in, Open Learning has the experience and knowledge to help you. We have a long history of training Christians for ministry in the church and the world. And you can choose the type of learning and qualification that suits your short- or long-term needs. Some have completed formal qualifications, while many have studied for their own personal development.

Personal Development

We're especially well equipped to help people returning to study but not quite sure if it is really 'for them' and need to develop confidence in themselves. Most of those people want to make sure they could switch into a qualification later if that made sense, but for now they just want to learn more about the Bible and the God we meet through it. Our courses are ideally designed for this. You'll get information, encouragement and an open ended learning structure that allows you to follow the path that is of most interest to you. If that's you then please read about the Personal Development programme.  

Studying For A Qualification

Other people who contact us know now that they definitely (or almost certainly) want a University standard qualification. Choose how long you want to study for, and therefore what level of qualification you will gain at the end of your study time. There are three validated undergraduate qualifications to choose from:  Cert HE in Theological Studies, DipHE and BA Hons Degree. We also offer a postgraduate Masters programme by distance learning, MA in Aspects of Biblical Interpretation. Please read about the various qualifications available on the Open Learning programme.

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