During your Diploma and Degree programmes, you need to undertake a counselling placement or placements where you will see clients for a minimum of 50 hours in each programme, building up to 100 hours in total for the Degree. To help our students achieve this, we have our own Counselling Service based in nearby Watford (Watford Christian Counselling Service), where our students can see clients and receive supervision. In the nature of things, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to achieve all your hours there, but many of our students find that a placement at WCCS gives them all they need. WCCS is also BACP-accredited as a service.

If you are doing the course part-time, then you will normally need to fulfill the placement requirements in the year in which you are doing the Counselling half of the programme.

Church Placements

Students on other programmes at LST all do placements in churches or other agencies, including block placements, as part of their LST programme. These are not required of Theology & Counselling students, but if you would like to experience a chuch placement, perhaps during your certificate year, the LST training unit would be delighted to help you.


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